Judy Morris during 2009 class.

Watercolor workshop taught by Judy Morris in 2009.

Teaching at the Sitka Center

FAQ's For Instructors

We are so happy you're interested in learning more about teaching at the Sitka Center for Art and Ecology. These are some of the most frequently asked questions people have while filling out our online proposal system.

What time of year do you offer workshops?
Our typical workshop season is from late May to the end of September.

How long does each workshop last?
Our workshops run from 1 day to 4 days, all days of the week. The typical length is 2-3 days, most workshops run from 10am-4pm. (Daily workshop schedule can be adjusted if you need students to arrive early to go out into the field for photos, birding etc.)

Where do I stay when I'm teaching at Sitka?
Instructors stay at Sitka for no charge while teaching their workshop. We have small, separate residences on our property with a bedroom, bathroom, living room, and kitchen. The arrival time is 7 pm the evening before the workshop and the departure time is 5 pm the last day of the workshop. The space is stocked with basic kitchen cookware, salt & pepper, linens, towels, etc. You will need all perishable/consumable supplies i.e. food, soap, shampoo, etc. ADA-compliant parking and housing is available on campus; please let us know if you will need these accommodations.

How are instructors paid for teaching workshops?
We recognize that all instructors have varying levels of experience. We ask that you base your instructor fee on what you need to charge for a 6-hour workshop day. Class size is determined by medium and facilities, your instructor fee does not reflect class size. In addition to tuition, we charge students a materials fee for materials you provide to them and we reimburse you when you arrive. If there is a model, we collect model fees and pay the models directly. If enrollment is low, we will ask if you want a lesser fee in order to avoid canceling the class.

Do I get reimbursed for travel?
We do not reimburse for travel expenses. Please take this into consideration when coming up with your instructor fee.

What kind of equipment is available?
Bring all of the supplies and equipment necessary for your workshop. We use our studios for a wide range of mediums and by not stocking supplies and maintaining equipment we can provide a wider variety of workshops. We provide facility based things like, easels, task lights, tables & chairs, projector, printing press, etc. but we do not have supplies used for art making. Please talk with us about your specific needs.

Will there be anyone to assist with the workshop?
Our Studio Technician and/or Art Center Intern will be in email contact with you a few weeks prior to your class to finalize your studio set-up needs. When you arrive, the studio will be set-up for you and you will bring in your supplies. We are happy to help with anything heavy. The first day of class, we will give a short orientation to the class about the Sitka Center and will check-in on the class throughout the day. When it is time to pack-up and leave, we will help clean-up the studio while you pack-up your materials.

Can I bring an assistant to help with my workshop?
Our policy is not to pay an extra fee for assistants or to provide extra housing for assistants. Our concerns about assistants are as follows: 1) we don't want the assistants to become "secret students"; we believe it is important for class dynamics to only have registered and paid students participating in workshops. 2) We also don't want the assistants to become "secret teachers"; we think it's very important to the integrity of our workshop program's reputation that all instruction is coming from the listed teacher. If you have read this and feel the concerns do not apply to your situation and that you must have an assistant, please let us know and we will consider making an exception (see "second teachers" section below). However, we cannot guarantee a separate house for an assistant - instructors who bring assistants will need to be prepared to share their house and to work out compensation with the assistant on their own.

Team Teaching/Guest Teachers
We are open to offering courses that are team taught. However, if you wish to have more than one instructor please include that information with names and credentials beginning in the application phase. We need all teachers listed in the catalog and on the website so students can be informed.

Can I bring my dog/partner/friend/kid?
Yes and no. Yes, you are welcome to bring a person with you but they can not attend the workshop unless they are registered. (Let us know if you have questions about the space available in the residence.) No, you may not bring pets to stay with you in the residence or in your vehicle.

How does lunch time work?
Students bring their own lunches and we have a small kitchen with dishes, refrigerator and microwave in each studio. The teachers set their own time for lunch base on the pacing of the workshop. Most instructors allow 30-45 minutes for lunch. Instructors can eat in their own house or with students. There are large tables in the courtyard where the students can eat, if it rains students can eat in the library or studios. We do not have a restaurant or cafeteria at Sitka.

What type of space will I teach my workshop in?
We will schedule your workshop in the best space for your topic. Here is a brief description of our studio spaces.

Library: Our library space has carpeted floors, access to the kitchen and windows looking out over Sitka Spruce trees and a peek at the ocean. The library's handcrafted wood table seats 10-12 people.

Boyden Studio: This studio has rough hewn wood floors, large windows lining one wall, high ceilings and natural colored wood walls. This studio has water access and a small kitchen space. Typical class size is 10-14.

Smith Studio: This is our printmaking studio and works well for a range of media. This studio has lots of natural light, white walls, smooth finished cement floors and a kitchen along one wall. Typical class size is 8-12.

How do I submit a new workshop proposal?
September 1 is the deadline to submit new workshop ideas for the following summer. You will submit your workshop proposal online.
We ask for:
- 3 images, that reflect the project that you are proposing
- Materials lists, what is provided by instructors and students
- Workshop description, 100 words
- Instructor bios, 50 words examples here

Please feel free to contact us for more information at 541.994.5485 or email.