Corinne Newbegin, Corlu Collier and Jane Boyden of Lost in Time (an ensemble of the Oregon Coast Recorder Society). In concert at Sitka, January 2007. (Lost in Timers not shown: Eileen Flory, Jan Christensen and John Pinto.)

Recorder Residency

At present, members of the Oregon Coast Recorder Society have raised $103,000 to establish a recorder residency at Sitka, beginning in 2003. To be eligible for the residency, applicants are required to earn part of their income from recorder performance or composition. This is to indicate that applicants should have a degree of professionalism, and people at the beginning of a career are as welcome as mature artists. Residencies are 4 – 6 weeks in length, and living space and a studio are provided. Past residents have taught three-day workshops (as part of the annual spring Oregon Coast Recorder Society Workshop at the Sitka Center) and given concerts in the community.

Residents are invited to participate and sometimes we conduct an open call for applications. The 2018 Recorder Residency has already been filled. Applications are being sought for the 2019 Residency. The deadline is April 17, 2018.

Our Residency Program Overview addresses many questions that applicants have about being at resident at the Sitka Center.

Past recorder residents

  • Saskia Coolen, Amsterdam Netherlands (2017)
  • Alison Melville, Toronto Canada (2016)
  • Rotem Gilbert, California (2015)
  • Charles Coldwell, Washington (2014)
  • Phil and Gail Neuman, Oregon (2013)
  • Louise Carslake, California (2013)
  • Frances Feldon, California (2013)
  • Letitia Berlin, California (2003, 2006 and 2011)
  • Frances Blaker, California (2003, 2006 and 2011, 2013)
  • Vicki Boeckman, Denmark (2005 and 2010)
  • Shira Kammen, California (2006)
  • Verena Wüsthoff, Germany (2007)
  • Judith Linsenberg, California (2008, 2012)
  • Annette Bauer, California, native of Germany (2009)