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Sitka Center for Art and Ecology e-Newsletter

October 2009 - Vol 6, Issue 11


>>Notes from the Director

>>Sitka Art Invitational

>>Portland Workshop

>>New Writer's Residencies

Notes from the Director

Speeding Slug!racingslug

It's a time of transition at Sitka. The summer workshop season has come to a close and the Artists-in-Residence have arrived. (We'll share more about them in next month's e-newsletter.) Times of transition tend to invite reflection, so earlier this month we raised the question: Why does Sitka matter? Then we asked individuals on the staff to respond. A heartfelt sharing of thoughts, feelings, and dialog ensued. When Jalene Case, our program manager, asked herself this question, she said, "The answer poured out onto the page." Here is her response:

Why Does Sitka Matter?
Sitka offers refuge to creative souls and minds. When people come here, the outside world is suspended as they dive into artful endeavors. There is precious time to explore, and to play with new ideas, colors, techniques, and thoughts. People notice, and are amazed by, the finer details of life like all the colors in a fall leaf, the trajectory of a branch, or a slug speeding across the path. They're in awe of the majestic elk, towering Sitka Spruces, and expansive views from Cascade Head. And when they leave, these experiences go with them, back to their real world laying in wait for them. This is why Sitka matters. The spirit of Sitka is transported inside creative souls and minds, to the real world, through a renewed reverence for art, creativity, time, space, the little things, and the big things. And the ripple begins.

-Jalene Case

Why do you think Sitka matters? We would love to hear your thoughts. If you feel compelled, please send your answer to us at info@sitkacenter.org.

Sitka Art Invitational

The 16th Annual Sitka Art Invitational is a month away! SAI

This year we have 128 artists bringing more than 500 original works of art to the World Forestry Center in Portland.

The show features a mix of renowned Northwest Artists, new emerging voices, and some longtime favorites. Many of the artists are instructors for Sitka's workshops which adds an extra level of interest.

The fun starts on Friday November 13 with a preview party that provides the first chance to see and buy art. It's a deliciously good time with lots of good people and some serious art buying. Many of the artists will be there so you also get a chance to find out more about their work. Purchase tickets in advance, $85 per person.

On Saturday and Sunday (November 14 and 15) the show is open to the public from 10:00am to 4:00pm. Keaney Rathbun will be giving his famous tours starting at 11:00 and 2:00 each day. On Saturday at 4:00pm we will have a panel discussion to talk about the inspiration for the show and the theme behind the artist selection.

Sitka comes to Portland once a year! We're looking forward to seeing you for an art-filled weekend.

Portland Workshopstaffordsai09

How about a dose of Sitka in the city? In conjunction with our Sitka Art Invitational, Kim Stafford is offering a writing workshop located at the World Forestry Center in Portland.

Sensations, Proverbs, Blessings

With gentle, thought-provoking nudges, Kim Stafford draws words out of students' hearts and minds onto the page. Explore the natural world through written fragments that will later become poems, stories, essays, or songs.

Workshop Location: Portland - World Forestry Center, David Douglas Room
Date: November 10th
Time: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

New Writer's Residencies


With anticipation of our new residences being finished, we're thrilled to offer 4 new Artist-In-Residence programs, for writers only, in 2010. Each residency period will be for 2-weeks in March and April 2010. (You'll find the specific dates listed on the application.)

The application deadline is November 30, 2009 so we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Curious about how Artist-In-Residency Programs work? Visit our website to see information on all of our Residency Programs as well as interesting stories about past residents.

Plunge into a rich, creative community of artists, naturalists, and musicians.

Construction Begins!

construction1The construction on the two new cottages has begun! Ground breaking started last week with the demolition of the back deck behind Edelman Studio to make way for the ADA ramps. This week they began moving sculptures and preparing the site for the helical anchors that will create the foundation.

We are grateful to everyone who has supported this project allowing Sitka to expand its residency program to serve more artists, writers and musicians.


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