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Sitka Center for Art and Ecology e-Newsletter

December 2009 - Vol 6, Issue 13



Notes from the Director


While the cat's away the mice talk about how much fun it is to work at Sitka!





What on earth do we mean by the above phrase? Well, this is a special edition of our Director's Notes because it's not coming to you from Eric, our Executive Director; it's coming to you from us, the staff. Eric is away on a well-deserved vacation so we'd like to share our thoughts with you about why we love working at Sitka. As we talked with each other, two distinct parts emerged.

The first part involves the flourish of nature around us. Not many people can step out of their office and see the Pacific Ocean and the Salmon River estuary. It's an extraordinarily beautiful place. One staff member, Ernie Rose goes to enjoy the solace and beauty at the mouth of the Salmon River every morning before work. Of this daily ritual, Ernie says, "Often there is magic in the air, such as witnessing a large herd of Roosevelt elk swimming across the mouth of the river or the stunning site of two eagles with locked talons in a corkscrew freefall."

The second part involves our belief that what we're doing makes the world a brighter place. We wholeheartedly believe that enhancing people's creativity through the connection of art and nature ripples out into unfathomable places in the world.

More creativity for those frustrating problems at the office,
More creativity for curing diseases, and of course,
More creativity for making art.

Now here is where we gush about Eric; sorry Eric, we can't help it. His thinking is expansive. What does that mean? It means he keeps one eye on meeting this year's expenses and the other on where Sitka is going for the next 100 years. This way of thinking is contagious. As we bound forward, Eric provides us space to think about how we can make a difference, how Sitka enhances creativity for a better world.

In addition to Eric's expansive vision, he also has a way of making staff, volunteers, visitors, just everyone, want to stay at Sitka and be involved. He encourages us with sincere words and mentors us with an open heart as we work together to create new inspiring visions.

Eric holds the door open for staff and volunteers to be immersed in this invigorating environment. In turn, we're holding the door open for you. Start the new year with a commitment to something that will nurture and empower you. Volunteer with us and see why there are no ordinary days at Sitka, ever. Become a member, or just sit down and write us a check (Visa accepted, too) and invest in the power of art!

Thank you, the Sitka Center Staff and Volunteers!

Fall Resident Open House










Join us at the Sitka Center on Saturday, January 9th from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. for the Fall Artist-in-Residence Open House.

1:00 Exhibition of Work
1:30 Visual Art Presentations
2:30 Poetry Reading
3:00 Informal Conversation and Refreshments

The artists will share their work and talk about the processes and experiences that evolved during the residency period.

Delight your senses with art, refreshments and conversation!

Winter Writing at Sitka - Kim Stafford

Let the cold winter weather nudge you into the cozy warmth of the library at Sitka to indulge in a writing workshop.

Title: Thousands of Meanings of Life
Instructor: Kim Stafford
Place: Sitka Center for Art and Ecology
Date: January 23 & 24, 2010

Winter Writing at Sitka - Nancy Linnon

Title: Getting Started: Discovering the Writer Within Instructor: Nancy Linnon
Place: Sitka Center for Art and Ecology
Date: January 30 & 31, 2010

FisherPoets on the Edge

Visit Newport, Oregon in January and check out the first ever FisherPoets On The Edge!

We're thrilled to work together with the folks from Writers on the Edge to bring you a Sitka workshop during the big event. Clem Starck, an official FisherPoet On The Edge, will be the instructor navigating the world of FisherPoetry with you

In the spirit of the event, the workshop will be held in Newport at the Yaquina Bay Yacht Club and will include a ticket to the Sunday Morning Hearty Brunch Buffet located at the Yaquina Bay Yacht Club also.

Title: Fishing For Poetry
Instructor: Clem Starck
Place: Yaquina Bay Yacht Club (Newport, OR)
Date: January 18, 2010

Clem Starck


Workshop Schedule


Thank you for your phone calls of interest about our 2010 workshop schedule. We're almost finished building it and we're excited to share it with you as soon as it's all done. Look for it online sometime in January and in your mailboxes by the first week of February.

Mark your calendars with the registration dates to get into your favorite workshops.

Members Only February 16, 2010
Non-Members March 1, 2010

Take advantage of early registration as a member of the Sitka Center.

New Residence Contstruction








Sitka's 2 new residences are well underway! Our initial update in late October, showed that the concrete for the foundation and ADA ramp was poured.

Today, we peek outside and see that all four walls of the upper residence are up and the shower stall is in! The roof will be on any day now.

Sitka Video

It gives us great pleasure to share our recently released Sitka Center Workshop Montage 2010 video. (This link will open in YouTube for viewing.)

Warning: Could cause uncontrollable giggling and dancing.


Sitka's 40th Birthday Reunion

This is an open invitation to people who love Sitka to gather in celebration of our 40th year!

The details are still being planned, but so far we know that we will share food, drink, hugs and stories.

We will have dinner at the Riverhouse (at the mouth of the Salmon River just down the hill from Sitka) the first evening and dinner at Sitka on the second evening followed by a brunch at Sitka on Sunday. A panel of speakers will share reflections on the history of Sitka and a collaborative art making project will be a hands-on part of the celebration as well. We will have some local housing available.

More details to come. Questions or to RSVP, please contact Rebecca at 541-994-5485 or rebeccawelti@sitkacenter.org.

Mark your calendars for August 27-29, 2010.



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