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Sitka Center for Art and Ecology e-Newsletter

February 2009 - Vol 4, Issue 3


  • Notes from Past Resident Sarah Rabkin
  • New Residents Arrive
  • Workshop Registration Opens Soon
  • Job Opening
  • Love and Art

Notes from Past Resident Sarah Rabkin

rabkin appeal

Sarah Rabkin's postcard

"Creative work needs solitude," writes poet Mary Oliver. "It needs concentration, without interruptions. It needs the whole sky to fly in, and no eye watching."

The two months I spent as a Sitka Center resident in the fall and winter of 2007-08 opened up that soaring skyscape of independent creative exploration. My Sitka sojourns over the past several years as workshop participant and instructor have provided equally enriching opportunities for artistic community and collaborative effort. No other spot on the planet so intensely engages my love of place while nurturing my creative work, in an atmosphere that strikes a perfect balance between wild solitude and congenial support.

I am so deeply grateful for Sitka's rich gifts that, when Eric Vines' appeal landed in my mailbox last fall, I resolved to meet his challenge: Reach out to friends and family and raise a thousand dollars for Sitka. So I brainstormed a list of people I know who might be willing to contribute $20 apiece; I drafted an appeal letter and ordered, through an online photo service, 50 copies of a glossy card featuring Oliver's words and several of my Sitka photographs.

Over the past couple of months I've sent out about 40 appeals, yielding about 25 contributions totaling close to $800. I've been moved by this response. My dear ones aren't rich, and, like all of us, they receive countless appeals from a panoply of worthwhile causes. But the uniquely personal nature of my request helped, I think, to move my envelope to the top of the daunting stack-even for those who have never visited Sitka Center. I will be mailing a few more requests, and I expect to reach that $1000 goal.

If each of Sitka's past instructors (let alone residents and workshop participants) were to rise to Eric's challenge, he tells me, we could handily close the organization's funding gap. I invite you to join me in this gratifying labor of love.

Sarah Rabkin

New Residents Arrive


Two of Sitka's four new Spring Residents have arrived. Kathleen Crabill and Richard Bergeman are settling into their studios and taking advantage of some unseasonably nice weather to explore their new surroundings

The image above is "Oranges" by Kathleen Crabill and the photo to the right is by Richard Bergeman.

Workshop Registration Opens Sooncatalog09cover

The catalog has shipped and should be arriving in your mailbox soon. If you didn't get a catalog and would like to receive one, please call us and let us know

Can you believe spring and summer are just around the corner? We hope you relish leafing through our 2009 workshop offerings and that you find something you are excited to take.

Workshop registration opens on Tuesday February 17th for members and March 2nd for non-members. Membership starts at $50 so if you want to assure your place in class, call us now so you can have first shot at registration.

Photo by Matthew Bower, Sitka Resident 08-09

You can see the full list of classes here.

Job Opening

Molly Sue Champion, our rock, our center, our voice of Sitka has decided to reduce her time at Sitka citing concerns about her health. We have watched her struggle with back and arm pain for the last year, knowing this day was coming, but trying to put it off as long as possible. She has agreed to stay on and help with bookkeeping one day per week, but we need to find just the right person to take over all of Molly's administrative duties.

Do you know the right person?
Here is who we are looking for.

Deadline: February 25, 2009

Love and Art


Nothing says love so well as Art. This year, instead of chocolate, give someone the chance to take a class at Sitka. Gift certificates come in all denominations . . . just the right thing to say I love you to that special person. Call us at 541-994-5485 and we'll set you up.

Your sweetie will swoon and we'll love you too!


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