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Sitka Center for Art and Ecology e-Newsletter

April 2009 - Vol 4, Issue 5


  • Notes from the Director
  • Spring Resident Open House
  • Medieval Music of Spring
  • Upcoming Workshops
  • Artist-In-Residence Application
  • Spring Cleaning and Art

Notes from the Director


Driving down the winding Three Rocks Road from highway 101 to the Sitka Center takes you from the bustle of humanity to the serene calm of nature.

First your speed drops from an anxious 60 mph to a mellow 30. You begin to notice the hills and trees, and the curving flow of the river through the estuary.

If you slow down further, you might notice a dozen elk calmly grazing on grasses next to the water, and then a hawk as it floats lazily up to the top of a Sitka Spruce. You roll down your window and breath deep. Exhale.

As you make the turn up Savage Road and then onto Ridge Road, the ocean roar surrounds you and soaks into your bones. It's nearly impossible to drive past without acknowledging the waves crashing on the rocks where the river meets the ocean.

April marks a transition for us at Sitka. The weather often changes from chilly to warm and back to chilly again all within a few hours.
To herald this transition time, we have some staff announcements that warm our souls:

  • Ernie Rose starts on April 16 as our new Office Assistant. You will love him!
  • He'll be joined on June 1 by the return of Mindy Chaffin, also helping to keep our office humming during our busy summer season.
  • Dawn Stetzel has been selected as Sitka's summer intern, working with the instructors to make the workshops smooth and fabulous.
  • And the legendary Rebecca Welti will make an appearance in May to work on some special projects.

As always, our goal is make your experience absolutely wonderful. It begins with the place and continues with the people.

We have a variety of activities coming up this month.

We hope you'll pencil us in on your calendar and come savor our naturally artistic offerings.

Happy Spring

Spring Resident Open House


Cyanotype Print by Sayaka Taninokuchi

Free Workshop and Open House
Saturday, May 16th
1 p.m. to 4 p.m.
This event will be held at the Sitka Center

Stop by for conversation, a chance to meet the artists and some refreshments! The artists will be sharing their completed and continuing pieces, processes, and experiments that evolved during their residency period at Sitka.

In addition, we're offering a free workshop called Cyanotype Photo Printing Process taught by Sayaka Taninokuchi, a current resident.

The cyanotype process is the first non-silver photographic printing process invented by Sir John Herschel in 1842. "Cyan" means blue and "type" is print in Greek. It is a simple and direct process and known for its deep, vibrant blue color. Learn how to make a cyanotype print using dried plants and transparent materials with UV light source.

Medieval Music of SpringBauerConcertweb

Annette Bauer and Tim Rayborn

Annette Bauer, Recorder Artist-In-Residence and Tim Rayborn are offering a concert to the community.

"The Garden Enclosed"
Medieval Music of Spring and Celebration
Annette Bauer ~ Recorders, Pipe & Tabor, Duduk, Voice
Tim Rayborn~Percussion, Harp, Psaltery, Oud, Voice

Sunday, April 12, 2009, 3:00 p.m.
Lincoln City Cultural Center
540 NE Highway 101, Lincoln City, OR

Upcoming Workshops


Rosie having a "ah ha" moment in Wuon-Gean's printmaking workshop last year.

Do you ever wonder what it's like to be in a workshop at the Sitka Center? Here are a couple of quotes from students last year.

"Sitka workshops are a magical experience."
Student in "Relief Printmaking" workshop

"Play! Delight your spirit and learn without realizing you're doing so."
Student in Praise the Process, Squash the Critic

These workshops are right around the corner.
"The Lives of Others" with Joanne Mulcahy is a writing workshop blending the personal voice with writing about someone else. Is there someone whose story you would like to tell?

"Kumihimo: The Braided Silk Cords of Japan" with Rosalie Neilson uses traditional Japanese equipment to make braids for decorative cording and jewelry.

"Praise the Process, Squash the Critic" with Lauren Mantecón stimulates the hidden muse within you. Through idea-generating exercises and techniques, creativity bubbles up to the surface and out into the world.

Artist-In-Residence Application


Melany Berry, with Westwind, exploring the area with fall 2008 residents, Louisa Conrad, Dawn Stetzel, Matthew Bower

Allow the alchemy of "place" to transform you. Artists-in-Residence explore the open space of Cascade Head, a variety of forested areas, and their art work.

We provide the living and studio space, you provide the materials and inspiration for up to 4 months.

If you're interested in applying to be an Artist-In-Residence, the deadline for applications is April 21, 2009 for the 2009-2010 residency period. Our web site provides more information and the application.

Spring Cleaning and Art


What is this image? Could it be a wall in our public bathroom? We want to spruce up the campus and one of the projects includes painting something artful and fun in the public bathrooms. Would you like to help with the design and/or the painting?

We'll also be doing some landscape clean-up involving raking and pruning mostly in the Sculpture Garden.

Would you like to spearhead a project? We have some ideas and would love to develop them further. Contact Jalene at jalenecase@sitkacenter.org or (541) 994-5485.

Saturday, April 25, 2009
1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Thank you!


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