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e-SitkaLetter, May 2008:
from Sitka Center for Art and Ecology


  • You're not the Moss of me!
  • The Old Ones at Coastal Creek: A poem by Scott Starbuck
  • Designing and Building Green Garden Sheds
  • Make your own Tiles!
  • Add depth to your soul with poetry from nature!
  • Just added! New sections of our most popular workshops
  • Sitka's Final Spring Open house May 17

You're not the Moss of me!

The mosses around Cascade head provide an intensely fascinating exploration of ecosystem development. From symbiotic relationships to legends of bearded tree dwarfs this workshop helps you understand the important role that these unique plants play in a forest environment. Plus learn to capture their intricately detailed textures and add natural depth to your drawing and painting projects.

Join Sarah Greene and Kurt Heckeroth, May 31st on a day long exploration of the Mosses of Cascade Head. You will spend the morning studying the mosses, learning how to identify each unique specimen and then spend the rest of the day working on drawings, journals, and photography based upon your findings in the field. >>register

The Old Ones at Coastal Creek: A poem by Scott Starbuck

Scott T. Starbuck was captain of the fishing vessel Starfisher in Depoe Bay, Oregon, for eight years, and a Writer-in-residence at the Sitka Center in 2004. Currently, he teaches Creative Writing at San Diego Mesa College, and communes with dolphin yoga masters in the waters off Encinitas. He has poems forthcoming in Oregon English Journal, Talking River, The Raven Chronicles (Citizen, Subject and Slave Issue), and The Trumpeter.

starbuck poem

Sign up for Scott's class: Achieving Resonance Through Symbols June 15. Realize new levels of resonance in your writing as you explore the incorporation of archetypal symbols through direct or indirect references, contrasts, or as points of departure into whatever each moment reveals. >>register

Designing and Building Green Garden Sheds

Instructor: Frank Rudloff
June 21-22, and September 19-21
This is a unique opportunity to work with Northwest renowned architect Frank Rudluff to learn the secrets of great architectural design as applied to small but important garden structures. Learn how to create a small garden building that takes the environment into account. Sure you can buy a plastic shed from a big box home improvement store for $250, but wouldn't it be great if you could design a small building that looked like it was meant for your garden? Participants will work together to develop design ideas in a two-day charrette in spring (June 21-22) and then will have the opportunity to come back in the fall and practice by building a new garden shed that enhances the Sitka Center's grounds (Sep 19-21). >>register

Make your own Tiles!

fish tiles

Handmade Relief Tiles, with Judith Schlicting
June 27-30
Add your own touch to a bathroom or kitchen with tiles that you create yourself! Design a tile, and then create your own mold to produce multiple handmade clay tiles! A relatively inexpensive material in its raw state, clay can be transformed by hand into objects of enduring beauty and function. Techniques for decorating and glazing both unfired and bisque-fired tiles will be covered, as well as the use of handmade tiles, commercially manufactured tiles, and the mosaic surfaces in interior design applications. >>register

Add depth to your soul with poetry from nature!

An Imagining Nature, with Michele Glazer June 28-29
Join poet Michele Glazer for an extraordinary writing experience. Participants will find ample inspiration while traipsing about the natural surroundings, and reading and discussing published nature writings. Process is the emphasis in student work, and participants may expect to write at least four substantial drafts of new poems or writings. This workshop is available for one continuing education credit through Portland State University. >>register

Just added! New sections of our most popular workshops

Just Added: Abstract Watermedia Extravaganza, with Patricia Seggebruch June 19, 2008
This workshop will focus on producing wild, creative compositions with watercolor, ink pours, and puddles. Any skill level will have fun and benefit from these flowing, energy-rich, emotional painting techniques.
Call for reservations 541-994-5485 or >>register online

Just Added: Encaustic Painting, with Patricia Seggebruch June 20, 2008
Using the sumptuousness of beeswax, natural and refined, this workshop concentrates on the many techniques compatible with encaustic. We will explore collage, texture and smooth wax application, transparent layering, incising, image transferring, and glazing with oil paints.
Call for reservations 541-994-5485 or >>register online

Just Added: Colored Pencil Stew, with Eileen Sorg July 5-6th 2008
Learn how to how to extract the best qualities of each medium while you use pen and ink, watercolor, and colored pencil together to create richly detailed pieces of art. This mixed media approach allows for a quick build up of color and value while still leaving room for the beautiful detail and control of colored pencil.
Call for reservations 541-994-5485 or >>register online

gumaelius bird
Open House! Open House! Open House!
Sitka's spring Open House, May 17th from 1-4pm.

This event is the culmination of the spring residency program. Join us for an afternoon that will feature open studios, performances, and an exhibition of work by the spring residents.

John and Robin Gumaelius
Creative Collaboration is what the Gumaelius family is all about! Young daughters Ruby, Eliza and Carmela are encouraged to make their mark in work by parents John and Robin. John and Robin Gumaelius will exhibit their process in ceramics and metals in an open studio demonstration throughout the afternoon, while finished pieces will be on display in the Boyden Studio.

Kim T. Griswell
During her residency, writer and Highlights editor Kim T. Griswell has explored writing opportunities across the Sitka grounds and beyond. She'll share selected works, including poems, a puppet play, and excerpts from her novel Family Ghosts, which she has completed while at Sitka.

Judith Linsenberg
"Judith Linsenberg is simply ravishing on recorder." -Boston Early Music News
Musician Judith Linsenberg has spent her time in residency making arrangements by J.S. Bach for the recorder. She co-taught the "Winds and Waves Recorder Workshop" at the Sitka center in early May. She will be performing several pieces on recorder.

Claudia Borgna
UK-based installations artist has made Sitka a stop on a two-year tour of US artist residency programs. Her work involves the exclusive use of plastic bags as the material for her prolific site-specific installations. On the agenda for the open house will be a live performance piece, as well as an outdoor installation within walking distance of Sitka Center.