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e-SitkaLetter, June 2008:
from Sitka Center for Art and Ecology


  • Her Eyes: a poem by Michele Glazer
  • Bind your own Books
  • Embedding
  • Etching and Printmaking!
  • Japanese Printmaking!
  • Watermedia Extravaganza - Patricia Seggebruch
  • Father's day Gift Certificates
  • Fun Sitka Cleanup Day!

Her Eyes: a poem by Michele Glazer

Poetry allows us to examine ourselves, and this class at Sitka gives you a chance to soak in the natural surroundings while dwelling on the power of a single word. Compose a couplet by the creek, make metaphors in the meadow, find philosophy in the forest, rhyme in the rain, hear haiku on the head. Use the ecology of Sitka to take your writing deeper.

Her Eyes
He kisses her but only with his lips.
His eyes digress - skid - dart - deflect,
Waterstriders on a summer lake
Moving by the grace of being
Moved by something
Smaller than themselves.
Or larger: hunger.
(What is he looking at?)
Does lake hang from the tips of their stubborn snappable legs? But the fine
Surface halos where, after all, the legs dip, touching it, not
Entering. He kisses her, love looks
Like this: A man
Inside himself
Fiercely, where the kiss
-Michele Glazer

An Imagining Nature, with Michele Glazer
June 28-29
Join poet Michele Glazer for an extraordinary writing experience. Participants will find ample inspiration while exploring the natural surroundings, and reading and discussing published nature writings. Process is the emphasis in student work, and participants may expect to write at least four substantial drafts of new poems or writings. This workshop is available for one continuing education credit through Portland State University. >>register

Bind your own Books

The art of monastic bookbinding takes centuries old techniques and allows you to frame your words and pictures into cherished heirlooms. Poetry takes on special meaning, watercolors gain depth, and photographs become timeless treasures when preserved in a book that will last for ages. Join us for this very special class. Soft Cover and Hard Cover Monastic Book Binding, with Wayne Bund July 5-6 This workshop is available for one continuing education credit through Portland State University. Hand make your own books in the tradition of the Old World. This workshop will address selection of archival materials, techniques for creating soft cover and hard cover books, and approaches to cover ornamentation. Each participant will leave the workshop with at least one soft and hard cover blank book, ideal for use as a journal, album, or beautiful gift.

Embracing Embedding Through Transferred Touch

with Marlana Stoddard-Hayes
July 8-11
Do you wish for more dimension in your painting practice? Embedding demonstrates combinations of image trapping and layered content that allows imagery to surface naturally, following the organic process. Using resources around Cascade Head, along with elements from home, participants will grow their work into a structure that has a wealth of atmosphere. Wood panels, along with panels with a canvas surface, will be used to make discoveries about media combinations that are unique and thoughtfully engaging. >>register

Etching and Printmaking!

Tallmadge Doyle
Etching for All
July 12-14
This briskly paced workshop will work for anyone interested in the basics of printmaking. In order to achieve a variety of printed results from the same set of copper plates, we will focus on expedient techniques and ways to enhance the traditional manner of working with copper plates. We will cover drypoint, line etching, aquatint, monoprinting, and more. There will be instruction in the advanced techniques of multiple plate color printing and chine colle for those who are interested. >>register

Japanese Printmaking!

Wuon Gean Ho
Two Workshops:
Relief Printmaking
July 21-23

From the dramatic bold lines of political woodcut prints, to the multicolored joyous lines in Picasso's work, relief prints allow for spontaneous mark making and expression. Learn how to make relief prints in Japanese vinyl, first in black and white, and then in color through reduction printing and multiple block printing. Come prepared to be inspired, to experiment, and to have fun. >>register

Japanese Woodblock Water-based Printing
July 27-30
Learn how to carve your own woodblock and make multi-block prints and postcards in two or more colors, and as no press is required, you can continue making these prints at home. Japanese woodblock, or mokuhanga, is a beautiful non-toxic printmaking technique with a long tradition. The carving style is similar to western woodblock but the way it is printed differs dramatically, involving watersoluble pigments and rice starch, which are transferred by hand with a flat disc called a baren. >>register

Watermedia Extravaganza - Patricia Seggebruch

Bonus Class!
Abstract Watermedia Extravaganza
Patricia Seggebruch
June 19

This workshop will focus on producing wild, creative compositions with watercolor, ink pours, and puddles. We will cover color choice, the incorporation of pastels and crayons, texture options, over painting with watercolor or acrylics, and abstract composition. Abstraction and rich color play is the key. Any skill level will have fun and benefit from these flowing, energy-rich, emotional painting techniques. It's a painting frenzy so come prepared to enjoy and let loose.

About the Instructor Patricia Seggebruch has taught art workshops for several years through her studio in Snohomish, Washington and Daniel Smith Art Supply in Seattle, and through assorted venues on the west coast. Patricia paints abstractly in watermedia, encaustic, and collage and enjoys sharing her knowledge of these mediums with anyone interested in taking it in.

Father's day Gift Certificates

Can't think of what to get dad for father's day?
How about a gift certificate for a workshop at Sitka?
You choose the amount, we'll make it a great experience! Call 541-994-5485 to give dad the gift of creative discovery.

Fun Sitka Cleanup Day!

June 11th Cleaning Party
Volunteer Work Party!
June 11th, 2008 1-4pm
Sitka's well loved studios are in need of a deep cleaning. Spread the word - there's dustin' to do! Please join us for a Spring Cleaning work party from 1-4pm on Wednesday, June 11th. Please come with a joke or funny short story in mind to share with the group while we clean. We will award a prize for the day's best joke! Be prepared to roll up your sleeves and:

  • Organize Storage
  • Dust Cobwebs
  • Clean Tables
  • Cart Junk to Goodwill and Recycling
  • Prune Bushes
  • Wash Windows
  • Hang Artwork
  • Have a good time!!!
Everyone is invited, and snacks and beverages will be provided for all volunteers Please bring any special cleaning supplies you have, such as power washers or ladders Please RSVP if you know you'll be able to make it. For more information, contact annamieka@sitkacenter.org See you there!
For more information about each volunteer role and how to get involved