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Sitka Center for Art and Ecology
May Newsletter - Special Edition

May 22, 2008


Special Editrion

Ripe salmonberries alongside SavageThere is a lot going on at Sitka these days. We have several important announcements and offers for you that just can't wait until next month. We hope you find them helpful!


Position Opening: Program Manager

Join the Sitka Team! Help people find their core creative selves. The Sitka Center for Art and Ecology needs an outstanding well-organized person with excellent verbal and writing ability who can help us manage the wide variety of programs that Sitka offers. 

Giving while you live - Estate planning class

eric_halfBefore I came to Sitka, I worked at the Edward Lowe Foundation in Michigan. Edward Lowe was the man who invented Kitty Litter and he donated over $100 million to create a foundation that would help independent business owners overcome the hurdles he had faced when growing his business.  One of Ed's sayings was, "He who gives while he lives, knows where it goes." In that spirit, he sought to give away half of his fortune before he died so that he could see how it benefited others.

One of his favorite stories took place in a small town diner in Michigan where he overheard two 90-year old men talking about how they had just invested in long-term bonds. They were very pleased that they had found such a wise investment. His point: What good does it do you to get a 4.6% return on a long term bond when you'll never live to see it mature? Why not invest in something that you care about and do some good now?

In this spirit, Sitka has invited Robert Dayton, an estate planning attorney at Schwabe Williamson and Wyatt (and Robert is the spouse of Sitka instructor Judy Vogland) to conduct a half day seminar to entertain and enlighten you about the finer points of creating a lasting legacy with your estate while doing great things for the world when you are still alive to enjoy the results.

This half-day class will be taught on June 17 from 9:00 till 12:30 at the Sitka Campus.

Space is limited and we are charging $25. This is an opportunity to learn about a variety of options for planning your estate including the remarkable Charitable Remainder Trust. There is no expectation that you include Sitka in your estate plan. (not that we would mind...) Please consider joining us.

Spring Open House Dazzles Attendees

Judith LinsenbergOn May 17, Sitka held its final 2008 spring open house for resident artists, writers and musicians. Writer Kim T. Griswell opened the show with selected readings from her time at Sitka including an excerpt from her novel, Family Ghosts which she finished during her residency here.  Kim's reading was followed by a performance by nationally acclaimed recorder artist Judith Linsenberg who played a J.S. Bach piece that she had adapted for recorder as well as a 17th century work that remarkably imitated and paid homage to the sounds birds make in the springtime. Judith then carried the festivities outside where she played a soundtrack to installation artist Claudia Borgna's performance piece that featured what looked like eight-foot puffball-like flowers and six-foot jellyfish all fashioned out of plastic bags.  The storytelling sculptures by John and Robin Gumaelius were also a huge hit that left attendees marveling while several collectors made purchases to add valuable additions to their art collection. Even the Gumaelius daughters got into the spirit with 3-year old Eliza selling her first piece of pottery for $10. She declared that she wanted to spend it on some red azaleas because she loves flowers.  Our next resident open house will happen in early January 2009.  

Art Invitational Update

Sitka Art InvitationalThis week, Sitka is sending out letters inviting 139 artists from the Pacific Northwest and 33 of our past resident artists from around the world to participate in this year's Sitka Art Invitational to be held at the World Forestry Center in Portland on November 13-16. Artists have until June 6 to respond to the invitation at which point we will post a listing of the artists who have indicated a willingness to participate. This year's artists were chosen by a team of three experienced guest curators, Eloise Damrosch, Executive Director of RACC; John Olbrantz, Executive Director of the Hallie Ford Museum of Art; and Kristin Shiga, Extension Program Director at OCAC. The curatorial team selected a mix of emerging, mid-career, and professional artists whose work demonstrated a commitment to ecological or environmental themes. The selection of artists for this show expands the family of artists included in the art invitational to include many new artists from around the Northwest.  Each artist has been asked to submit three to five new works that address ecological or environmental themes.

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