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Sitka Center for Art and Ecology e-Newsletter

June 2009 - Vol 6, Issue 8


  • Notes from the Director
  • Abstract Alphabet
  • Trees, Trees, Trees!
  • What is your legacy?
  • Build a Fairy House
  • Sitka Center Open Studio


Notes from the Director

mantecon class

Lauren Mantecon's Praise the Process Workshop.


As the rich green of spring gives way to the more subtle greens and browns of summer, we notice a calm frenetic energy engulfing the Sitka Campus. In our workshops last week, we had students arrive two and a half hours early with stories of an unsquelchable desire to begin painting, carving, and sanding their way to a new artistic creation. If we could bottle the energy that comes from our workshop interactions, Sitka could solve the energy crisis, fix the roads, cure cancer, and deliver a brand new model for education and still have time for a walk before dinner.

Juan Ponce de León crossed oceans and continents searching for the fountain of youth. We have a few workshop participants who are well into their 90's. Ask them where youth comes from and they might very well point their lovely pastel dusted fingers at the Sitka Center. This place is magical in what it does for people's souls!

Architect's rendition of expansion plans

Architect's rendition of expansion plans

Campus Remodeling
I have mentioned before that some of Sitka's buildings are reaching the end of their useful life. When we looked at our campus, we realized that we need to start investing in our infrastructure so we can keep on offering the amazing services that you have come to expect from us. The residences where we house our resident artists, writers, and instructors are all aging and in need of repair. The construction of two new residences will help us begin to revitalize these facilities. After we complete two new residences we will have the capacity to maintain our residency program while we make repairs to the original three apartments. When we are finished we will have 5 on-campus apartments for instructors, artists, writers and musicians that should carry us through the next 40 years.

On Wednesday, Sitka received some fantastic news!

Since 2005 we have been working to raise money to begin this campus renovation project. We started with a challenge from Oregon philanthropist John Gray. If Sitka could raise $250,000, he would match it dollar for dollar. After a kick off donation from Darle and Pat Maveety in 2005, we really launched our campaign at the 2006 Sitka Art Invitational and raised $22,600. By June of 2008, we had raised $57,400.

You should have heard the shout that went up in the office on Wednesday when we received a $40,000 grant from the Collins Foundation. And as the Executive Director of an organization, few moments compare to being able to tell your board of directors that all of their volunteer hours are producing results. We had a very good board meeting on Thursday!

So far we have raised $234,700.

We only have $15,300 to go!

What started as a dream in 2005 is tantalizingly close to reality in 2009. You can help us realize our goal to complete the match and begin our project.

How can you help? We have a June 30 deadline to raise the remaining $15,300. We have been getting donations for this project that range in size from $25 to $100,000. Just yesterday we received $1000 from a first time donor. Every dollar gets us closer to our goal. Your contribution makes a difference!

Please consider making a special donation to help us meet the John Gray Challenge. We will cheer your gift and sing your name in celebration.

I can't wait until next month when I can tell you that we exceeded our goal.

Let's create the future of Sitka together.


Abstract Alphabet


Finished pieces from the "Lines, Layers and Paul Klee" workshop offered in 2008.

Transform letters from the alphabet into abstract, whimsical, engaging images with Rebecca Wild's expert guidance throughout the transformation process. If you are curious and would you like to see more, check out Rebecca's blog.
As further temptation, see what students have to say about workshops with Rebecca.

"This was one of the best classes I have ever taken. It gave me a wide array of artistic info and creativity."

"Rebecca Wild is a superb teacher. Her projects are so well explained, doable and fun. Everyone is successful."

"What I liked best about the workshop was the emphasis on process and experimentation with lots of encouragement. I also valued learning a large number of techniques with detailed handouts of direc
tions for future reference."

"Rebecca is among the VERY BEST teachers around. She brings out everyone's expertise, making everyone feel talented, valued and appreciated."

Lines, Layers and Paul Klee
10 am to 4 pm on Friday, June 26th to Sunday, June 28th
Total Cost: $275


Trees, Trees, Trees!


Have you found yourself hiking in Oregon's Coast Range wishing you knew more about the spectacular trees in front of you? Our forests are filled with fascinating trees just waiting to be understood! Pete will unlock the mysteries for you.

This is your chance to learn more about them from an expert in the field. Pete Owston has a doctorate in forest science and has lived and worked in Oregon for many years. He now lives in this area and knows it like the back of his hand.

Trees of Cascade Head
10 am to 4 pm on Sunday, June 28th
Total Cost: $60

What is your legacy?

freedwebLeaving a personal legacy becomes paramount as we move through life, yet dedicating time for exploration is challenging. This workshop provides you with the time, space and experienced guidance to craft your legacy.

Translating your hard-earned wisdom into blessings for those you love will connect you with your roots and core values leading to a greater sense of purpose in life. Unearth your legacy and strike out on an adventure of sharing your stories!

Postcards From The Past-Letters to the Future
10 am to 4 pm
Monday, June 29th to Wednesday, July 1st
Total Cost: $320

Build a Fairy House


Come play in the living, mythical world of fairies! Can you see the fairies gathering in this quirky, fanciful creation? Let your imagination soar as you enter the world of Nature Spirits and create your very own heirloom Fairy House out of twigs, stone, and sand.

Together, John and Bridget bring a wealth of creative experience to this sculptural, magical journey.

A Natural Home for the Mythic Imagination: Creating a Fairy House
10 am to 4 pm on Thursday, July 2nd to Sunday, July 5th
Total Cost: $370


Sitka Center Open Studio

Bring your art supplies to Sitka and go wild making art!

By popular demand, we're opening the Boyden Studio for you to use in creating your own masterpieces. Come savor the Sitka-style studio environment. Drink in the view of lush flora & fauna and the gentle summer ocean. Sink deeply into the project of your choosing as you delight in a day of art-making.

There will be a person on site to answer studio questions but no instructor to guide you; it's all you bursting into new directions with your work. It's an adult, art, play-day at Sitka!

Please register for each day individually.

Sitka Center Open Studio
10 am to 4 pm on Friday, July 3rd
Total Cost: $25
Sitka Center Open Studio
10 am to 4 pm on Saturday, July 4th
Total Cost: $25
Sitka Center Open Studio
10 am to 4 pm on Sunday, July 5th
Total Cost: $25


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