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Sitka Center for Art and Ecology e-Newsletter

July 2008 - Vol 3, Issue 8



  • Notes from the Director
  • Printmaking Workshops with Past Sitka Resident
  • Departure of Laura Young as Sitka's Program Manager
  • A Few Spots Left in Popular Sitka Workshops
  • A Favorite Clam Digging Song

Seventh Generation thinking Instructor Patricia Seggebruch's son in her 2008 workshop

On grocery store shelves you may have seen a line of household products called Seventh Generation. The idea behind this company is that the products are non-toxic, easily biodegradable and earth friendly so that in seven generations the world will still be a friendly place to live. The concept of thinking about the seventh generation is borrowed from the Iroquois tribe.

"In every deliberation we must consider the impact on the seventh generation... even if it requires having skin as thick as the bark of a pine." ~ Great Law of the Iroquois

Sitka has begun its own seventh generation thinking. Starting with the assumption that what we do is good for the world, we have begun asking the question, how can we make sure that we are still doing this good work seven generations from now? How can we make sure that our children's children's children can experience Sitka and be nurtured by this place in the same way that we have been nurtured. We have just begun this conversation and it includes:

* Thinking about our charter as an organization that will guide future generations of leaders to keep Sitka true to its founder's goals and intentions.

* Thinking about our long-term financial stability

* Thinking about the impact our work has on the environment (How much carbon do we create? How much waste do we generate? Can we become net energy producers and oxygen creators?)

* Thinking about the educational messages we pass on to adults and young people both through the examples we set and the classes we teach

* Thinking about the role art plays in helping the environment

We encourage you to join us in this conversation. You can contribute ideas, time, and money to help us ensure that the terrific work that Sitka does today is available for generations of children and adults that we will never meet. Please send us a note and lets us know what you think.


Printmaking Workshops with Past Sitka Resident

'Antelope' Print by Sitka artist Wuon Gean HoMy residency at the Sitka Center in the spring of 2007 was a wonderful opportunity for me to slow down, listen to nature, and enjoy making art in the beautiful print studio there. The three prints I made during this time have been shown in London and Manchester, and will be displayed in Portland's Print Arts Northwest Gallery in July 2008.

I'll be teaching two printmaking workshops at the Sitka Center in July 2008: Relief Printmaking from July 21- 23 and Japanese Woodblock Printing from July 27-30. The relief workshop is going to be a fun exploration of the different types of effect that can be achieved with relief printing - pushing the boundaries of the linocut. For the workshop, I brought a lot of Japanese vinyl in my backpack and got searched by customs THREE times! The vinyl is a very flexible and fine material to work with. In the Japanese Woodblock workshop we'll start off with a small postcard sized project and then go on to exploring all the beautiful effects that can be achieved in making a bigger print.

Right now I'm in Portland for a solo show at the Vorpal Space gallery, which opened on July 3rd. I'm also going to be traveling to Vancouver BC to open a solo show there on July 11th. If you get the chance, please feel free to come along. More details can be found on my website blog I hope to see you in one of my Sitka workshops or at one of my shows!
Wuon Gean Ho, London

Departure of Laura Young as Sitka's Program ManagerLaura and Karis

Laura Young will be staying with Sitka through the end of August 2008 and then will continue to work with Sitka part time as a consultant helping with the workshop catalog and grant-writing. We're very excited that we get to retain some of Laura's talents and expertise while she makes a transition to her new home (a 19 ft. wooden yurt) in Toledo, OR with her husband, Adam, and new baby, Karis Kriz. Laura joined the Sitka Center Staff in January 2007 to manage Sitka's workshop and residency programs.

We invited Jalene Case to join us as Sitka's new Program Manager starting on August 21. She enthusiastically accepted. Jalene will be a great addition to our group, adding terrific organizational development experience and an infectious enthusiasm. We look forward to having you meet her.

A Favorite Clam Digging SongOyster Digging


by John Bailey

Harry Herman he was short and fat
But the best clam digger out of Poppum Flat.
And he always said with a touch of pride.
He could dig six barrels on a ten foot tide.

Mary Muggins she was tall and thin
And she promised ol' Harry she would marry him,
But she kept delayin' when she'd be his bride
'Cuz they looked so simple settin' side by side.

Harry Herman says "No I won't wait,
Quit your foolin' and set the date,
If we keep delayin' we could both be dead,
And I know another woman up in Parker Head."

Mary Muggins got into a stew
She really didn't know just what to do
But at last she said "I'll be your bride
When you've dug six barrels on a ten foot tide."


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