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Sitka Center for Art and Ecology e-Newsletter

July 2009 - Vol 5, Issue 7


  • New Workshop Offerings
  • Eyeball It
  • What If...
  • Outrageous Beadwork
  • Beautiful Cement?
  • No Press Needed
  • Paper Sculptures

New Workshop Offerings


Greetings from Sitka!
Each year we do our best to experiment with a variety of new workshop topics that we think you'll find intriguing. Here are some of them that still have space available. Are you ready to try something new?


Beyond Drum Making

Tune into your inner rhythms and connect with your spirit while making a drum in a day.

Kathryn will lead you on a spiritual journey that extends beyond drum making. Discover the amazing creative muse living within you, learn a new way of reducing stress, and have fun doing it!

All the supplies are provided; your willingness to create a drum is all you need to bring with you.

Eyeball It

helmickAre the proportions within your drawings a bit off at times? You can't seem to find the right vanishing point to create visually appealing depth of field?

Gain a new perspective on how to visually judge scale and relationships of whatever you're drawing and then experience plein air drawing in the Sitka environment to play with your new skills.

Draw from Richard Helmick's 38 years of experience teaching design drawing to sharpen your drawing perspective.

What If...

martinThis workshop combines creativity and thinking for approaching topics in all the intriguing parts of your life from art to accounting. Start by bringing a thought, question, dream, topic, problem, or opportunity that you want to explore.

Learn a new way of approaching it and thinking of it to transform it into new pathways for achievement. What do you want to bring into your life? What if you could...

Chas Martin offers an amazing website to whet your appetite for more.

Outrageous Beadwork

sullivanThese aren't your basic beaded jewelry forms. These amazing pieces of art are made using structural beadweaving methods. Inspiration comes from nature or sketches or photographs and then sculptural techniques, including design & color and overlay & textures, are used to create one-of-a-kind artwork.

Unleash your creativity! Imagine what you want to make out of beads and Teresa will help you do it. Her website will show you just how far she's pushing the limits of creating art with beads.

Beautiful Cement?

murphyYes--cement can be beautiful! When Carole Murphy expertly carves a block of aerated cement into a sculpture, the results are stunning as you'll see on her website.

Develop your three dimensional voice while you subtractively sculpt from your own block of cement. Your new talent will develop into a sculpture complete with a beautiful patina added on the last day.

No Press Needed

masonIt's crazy! Barbara Mason's technique, called the Solarplate intaglio process, produces prints without a printing press. In addition to this colorful, fun image, her website shows more stark, dramatic work as well.

Learn this method for your personal use or teach it in your own classroom.

Paper Sculptures

friton2Make paper come alive with dimension, shape, texture, and luscious artful lines. The term "pop-up" doesn't begin to describe what you'll learn to make paper do.

Use this medium to create active sculptures inspired from nature. Make paper dance, twirl, spin, breathe, and pop up from the surface. Ok--you're not going to create Frankenstein but you are going to learn more ways of creating with paper than you ever dreamed possible.


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