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by John Bailey

Harry Herman he was short and fat
But the best clam digger out of Poppum Flat.
And he always said with a touch of pride
He could dig six barrels on a ten foot tide.

Mary Muggins she was tall and thin
And she promised ol' Harry she would marry him,
But she kept delayin' when she'd be his bride
'Cuz they looked so simple settin' side by side.

Harry Herman says "No I won't wait,
Quit your foolin' and set the date,
If we keep delayin' we could both be dead,
And I know another woman up in Parker Head."

Mary Muggins got into a stew
She really didn't know just what to do
But at last she said "I'll be your bride
When you've dug six barrels on a ten foot tide."

Harry Herman, when the moon was full
Give his hoe a polish and his boots a pull,
He took his skiff and was waintin' around
Right on the spot when the tide went down.

Harry Herman he begin to dig
When the holes was thickest and the clams was big
And when the tide had reached its low,
He'd filled three barrels and had three to go.

Harry Herman, when the tide was slack
Had two sore arms and an achin' back
He kept on diggin' away like sin
Because he had to get the clams before the tide come in.

Harry Herman when the tide returned
He was seein' visions and his windpipe burned
When the tide got up to where he stood
He'd filled five barrels and filled them good.

Mary Muggins she began to shout
"You can't dig clams and the tide ain't out!"
"Quit your chowderin' and I ain't through yet
I've dug them dry and I can dig them wet!"

Mary Muggings said, "Come in please,
The tide is risin' up around your knees!"
"Well let'er rise around my neck
I want them clams and I'm short one peck!"

Mary Muggins she screamed, "Come in
The tide is risin' up around your chin!"
"You may not see me again alive
But I'll get them clams if I have to die!"

Mary Muggins was about to pop
Says, "I'll marry you now if you'll only stop!"
But the only answer from down below
Was a little stream of bubbles that told her no.

Poor Harry at the next low tide was found
Still standin' in the spot right where he drowned
His hoe was tight in both of his hands
And the pockets of his overalls was full of clams.

Now when the moon is full and the tide is low
You can still see Harry and his ghostly hoev He never will stop even though he died,
"Til he's dug six barrels on a ten foot tide.