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  March 26th 2008

Contact:   Annamieka Hopps

Interim Program Manager

Sitka Center for Art and Ecology




Sitka Center welcomes a second group of spring residents to live and work during April and May 2008.   The group includes three visual artists, three children, a musician, and a writer. Claudia Borgna is an installation artist from the UK who works with plastic bags and other discarded materials.   John and Robin Gumaelius are collaborative ceramic artists from Washington State and their three young daughters Ruby, Eliza, and Carmela join them for the stay at Sitka.   Writer Kim Griswell will work on material for children's nonfiction.   Musician Judy Linsenberg will work on individual music for the recorder as well as co-teach the Winds and Waves recorder workshop May 3-5th.   Please stay tuned for updates on the resident's progress and mark your calendars for the celebration of their work at the Open House on May 17th !  


Claudia Borgna

Recipient of the Norman and Dolores Winningstad Residency

Claudia Borgna received her BA, specializing in sculpture and installation from the London Metropolitan University, UK.   Borgna works with discarded materials, and most recently the ubiquitous plastic bag.   For Borgna, the plastic bag embodies contradictory qualities: meant to be disposable but they take 10-20 years to biodegrade in landfills, they are thin and easily torn but also strong, mass-produced and full of possibility.   Borgna will execute a large-scale installation piece made with plastic bags and other local materials while in residence at the Sitka Center.   


John and Robin Gumaelius

Recipients of the Maribeth Collins Residency

Collaborative artists and partners, John and Robin Gumaelius are known for their figurative ceramic sculptures.   Their work was recently included in the Grand Re-opening of the Museum of Contemporary Craft, Portland, OR.   Both John and Robin received their BFA's from Brigham Young University, UT and Robin went on to acquire her MFA in 2000 from Ohio State University.   During their residency, John and Robin will take advantage of the rich ecology and diversity of wildlife on Cascade Head to stimulate new forms in their sculptures.   


Kim Griswell

Recipient of the George and Margot Thompson Residency

A graduate of Humboldt State University, Kim Griswell holds masters' degrees in literature and writing.   She is a professional writer, editor and workshop-leader.   For the last five years, Griswell has worked as the coordinating editor of Highlights for Children , the iconic children's magazine, which has been in print for over 60 years.   Griswell is also a published writer of short stories, articles and non-fiction works.   While a resident at the Sitka Center, Kim Griswell, will focus on researching material for several children's nonfiction writing projects.   


Judith Linsenberg

Recipient of the Oregon Coast Recorder Society Residency

Judith Linsenberg performs professionally with the recorder and for the last 17 years has been the Artistic and Managing Director of Baroque ensemble, Musica Pacifica.   Linsenberg received a Fulbright scholarship to Austria, where she was awarded musical honors at the Vienna Academy of Music as a recorder soloist.   She is also a graduate of Princeton University, holds a doctorate in early music from Stanford University, and has taught at Stanford and the San Francisco Conservatory.   Linsenberg will be using her time at the Sitka Center to make arrangements for the recorder and will co-teach the ‘Winds and Waves Recorder Workshop' at the Sitka Center in May 2008.


The Residency Program, since its inception in the 1980's, has provided more than 170 artists, writers and natural science scholars the opportunity to conduct their work on the central Oregon coast. Sitka Center hosts 12-15 residents each year. Some residents are emerging voices while others are internationally recognized in their disciplines.

The involvement, investigations, and creative work of resident artists helps Sitka Center for Art and Ecology to fulfill its mission to expand the relationships between art, nature and humanity through workshops, presentations and individual research projects.

Significant support for Sitka Center's Residency Program has come from The Collins Foundation and the donors to the named residency funds. An Institutional member of the Alliance for Artist Communities, Sitka Center also receives support from the James F. & Marion l. Miller Foundation, Oregon Arts Commission, and hundreds of donors and members.


For more information, call 541-994-5485 or visit www.sitkacenter.org .